Phillip Norbert Årp

Spinning websites, slaying gnomes, questing for Englebee Troobles…

Christmas, goats, and the fiscal cliff
Pnårp learned this week that the world was still here. Will it ever end?

…The world ended
Pnårp can’t write anything two days after the world came to an end, now can he?

This coming Friday…
Pnårp recounted the week in reverse, until things got a little screwy in the middle there.

Mooey, mooey, moo!
Pnårp decided he wants to be buried with his pet cow when he dies. Then, other stuff ensued.

Horses, drugs, and some Volvos
Pnårp enjoyed a book about drug-addled horses, then got blamed for the destruction of Bobo, Mississippi!

A paean to funnels
Pnårp sang the praises of the funnel this week after discovering dozens of novel uses for this humble tool.

A parable that should explain everything
Pnårp had such an eventful week that, at the end of it all, he wrote a parable to explain it.

Pnårp, in the interest of expediency, made an elaborate fart joke this week.

The geese were angry
Pnårp suffered phantom extra limb syndrome and alien hand syndrome at the same time this week!

Ziti—with lines, please
Pnårp went on a fine-dining adventure this week, in search of ziti—but only ziti with lines would do!


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